Game Review: Warfare 1917

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Warfare 1917 is a free-to-play World War I game inspired by the brutal and seemingly wasteful loss of human life in the trenches and in no-man’s-land of Western Europe c.1917-1918. Behind this game’s gritty and simple exterior and basic controls is an addicting and challenging game play experience. This game is surprisingly historically accurate as well as fun and simple to play.

For such a small game the creators and producers over at Con Artist Games did a wonderful job balancing each sides units. Warfare 1917 offers two standard campaign modes, the British or German Empire. A third mode allows the player to create a custom game keeping the replayability factor moderately high. In this mode the player can set their own parameters for the battle making themselves or their enemies as strong or as weak as they like.

Tommies (British Infantry) in the trenches from Warfare 1917

In any mode the basic game map is dotted with trenches and barbed wire which the player must direct his soldiers across. Artillery and mortar shells will decimate your troops so best get them to the semi-secure trenches in a hurry before they are all killed in the open field. The player uses a combination of basic infantry and assault troops, sniper support, machine gun teams, artillery, mortars, and later tanks, to defeat their enemy by either taking the field or by killing enough of your enemies soldiers so that their moral sinks to a critical level and they then surrender.

Game screen from the later in the campaign

In the campaign mode of Warfare 1917 strategically allocating your command points in between battles in relation to your individual play style may mean the difference between life and death for your mini cyber units. It may also mean the difference between victory and defeat. Your end of match score is based on how quickly and with what amount of bloodshed with which you took the field. Each nation, England and Germany, fields the same type of units; basic infantry, assault, machine-gun, sniper, officer, and tanks (available in the campaigns later stages). 3 out of 5.

German Stormtroopers (Sturmtruppen), 1917-1918

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  1. it is v good game specially for an army man, to develop is skills regarding war plannings. It is also a very enjoyable
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