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Greetings fellow historians & students of military history and warfare studies. Welcome to the Warfare Historian, a blog dedicated to the study & analysis of battles, conflicts, warfare (strategy & tactics) & other related military history topics.

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The Warfare Historian was created to explore and analyze warfare and military history across the ancient, pre-modern, and modern ages, covering all nationalities, regions, and cultures collective military histories.

About the blog author: Ben Sparks earned his BA in history at Worcester State University in 2012. He is a member of the National Historical Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Upsilon Rho chapter. He is also a member of the Society for Military History.

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  1. Although I am from an engineering background,history has been a been a fascinating subject to me....i would suggest if u could do some research on India too...preferably the British conquest of the Indian subcontinent..Really loved this blog...keep it up

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  3. Every country has several military bases to ensure the external or external security of the country. Only the US has more than 800 military bases. No other country has as much as military bases like the US.